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Finances are hard. Generally speaking, it’s difficult to trust just one voice when it comes to money, even if that voice is your own. That’s why we bring some of the brightest voices in finance, so you can get the best perspectives.


Everyone you see online will tell you they have the secret key to business success. The “shortcut” or “key” to huge profits. What we’ve found however is the real secret is hard work on the right strategies. We bring you stories from those who have done it.


Success takes hard work and discipline; but a life of those and those alone is a tough road, and often unsustainable. That’s why we bring you the Live OFFBEAT channel. This is your source for those quirks and oddities to rest and reset your brain and spirit.


What does success mean to you? Money? Power? Achieving those things for their own sake won’t bring you happiness or fulfillment. Balance your success with what fuels your soul and completes you as a human. Here is your inspiration.